X-Mouse Button Control

Great program for customizing the functions your buttons perform


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  • Category Mouse & Keyboard
  • Program license Free
  • Version 2.18.5
  • Size 2.95 MB
  • Works under: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by PhilG

X-Mouse Button Control is a powerful tool that gives users complete control over mouse behavior.

X-Mouse Button Control lets you map mouse muttons to more than 60 predefined actions as well as change scroll wheel behavior. If you want to swap right mouse click and left mouse click behavior, you can do that, but the program also supports profiles, layers, triggers, and other concepts that give you complete control over your mouse. Perhaps the neatest aspect of X-Mouse Button Control is that you don’t need a mouse with seven or more buttons to get this kind of advanced mouse behavior.

Think of profiles as a mapping set for the entire mouse. You can create profiles for general usage, but you can also create profiles on a per-application and even a per-window basis. In fact, when you create a new profile, the app will list currently running applications and let you choose one. If you want this profile to be active in only a certain window, a window detecting tool lets you configure that. Once a program has been created and assigned, it will automatically activate in the appropriate context.

X-Mouse Button Control also supports layers, which you can think of as sub-profiles. A layer gives you the option to change button behavior contextually. You can assign hotkeys to switch layers as needed, but there are triggers as well. For instance, entering a particular dialog screen can trigger the scroll wheel button to change from its default double-click behavior to select all.

Using this program, you can completely change the behavior of any mouse button, and that’s true whether your mouse has three buttons or a dozen or more. Furthermore, you’re not just limited to a single predefined action. X-Mouse Button Control also supports multi-action mappings, which are essentially macros. You can even set the delay between simulated keystrokes and other actions, and these macros can even access advanced OS functionality, such as increasing the priority of a process.

If there’s a downside to X-Mouse Button Control, it’s that it’s simply not user-friendly. The UI is well-organized, but the program expects you to know what you’re doing. This is the kind of tool you’ll have to spend some time with to get the most out of, but that investment will be worth it. Even when you create a profile, it will take some practice. It’s one thing to create an elaborate control scheme for your mouse, and another to actually use it in a productive way, but the result is amazing when it all comes together.


  • Can completely change any mouse function
  • Supports profiles and functionality layers
  • Create profiles on a per-application/window basis


  • Not user-friendly
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